Sourcing Consultant

Sourcing Consultant

We Offer Sourcing Consultant

e-directus is a sourcing company providing a multi-purpose service for all your importing needs. We provide a complete comprehensive and total solution to import or get any item or goods from flourishing Chinese markets to Global market. We work only with the most qualified factories in China so that we can offer you competitively priced products and materials without compromising quality.

e-directus team come from various sourcing backgrounds with number of products and have years of experience dealing with factories from many different industries. With this and the knowledge to understand your requirement communication and the drive to exceed, we are sure that we can cater to your importing requirements.

e-directus always cautious about Global competitive market and changing policies . We always maintain our customer’s business secrecy with a commitment of his business success.
e-directus objective is “to provide a single window quality Import sourcing solutions to establish a long term relationship with our clients to save his cost, time & Money by providing him A-Z services.

e-directus committed in providing our clients the guidance they require in importing. Our service allows you to have the resources available to manage your business comfortably without having to invest in employees or office space, saving your time and money. We are always focused on – value, quality and customer satisfaction.
If you are looking for a “hassle free” service, then you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves in making sure that everything runs smoothly right from the start to when it is delivered to your door.

As a leading China sourcing agent with up-to-date sourcing innovations, eDirectus offer efficent factory direct services which allows outsourcing production soulutions to China factory efficently. eDirectus also play an important role of product sourcing company and help with your off-the-shelves product demand to buy direct from China factory at best price in a timely manner.

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