Project Consultant

Project Consultant

We Offer Project Consultant

e-directus known for providing the intensive and exclusive services towards Project Consultancy. We offer quality services which is simply unique and cost effective. E-directus main focus is client satisfaction for providing Project Consultancy services. Not only the high quality services, we also have very reasonable cost to offer you. E directus has inspired many across the globe to join and be part of our family and avail the very best services for Project Consultancy.

E directus is very professional in preparation of Project Reports with acceptable standards of financial Institutions/Banks & also render assistance in getting finances from FI’s/ Banks. E directus has years of experience in the field of these operations.

The areas for Project Reports are listed below

  • Products and its uses along with
  • Location & Its suitability premises and Layout
  • Product and its requirements.
  • Manufacturing Process.
  • Flow process chart.
  • Installed capacity, its calculation & its assumptions.
  • Sales Turnover.
  • Raw material requirements.
  • Man power.
  • Utilities like: Power, Water, Pollution Control etc.
  • Inspection & Quality Control arrangements.
  • Plant & Machinery.
  • Implementation schedule.
  • Market survey or reports.
  • Other fixed assets.
  • Pre operative & preliminary expenses.
  • Working Capital requirements.
  • Profitability projections.
  • Cash flow statements
  • Total project cost.
  • Means of Financing.
  • Break even Analysis.
  • Ratio Analysis.

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