Procurement Consultant

Procurement Consultant

We Offer Procurement Consultant

E directus is known for deep understanding of best practice in procurement methods gained from decades of experience around the world – It help us to achieve value for money, timely delivery and efficiencies that bring benefits for our customers.

E directus expert in Vendor Management and validation. Hence it helps you to identify and searching the vendor, managing commodity wise vendor list, validation of the competitive vendor. Catalogue and Content Management

As a leading China sourcing agent with up-to-date sourcing innovations, eDirectus offer efficent factory direct services which allows outsourcing production soulutions to China factory efficently. eDirectus also play an important role of product sourcing company and help with your off-the-shelves product demand to buy direct from China factory at best price in a timely manner.

Factory direct sourcing services, customs made product factory direct services, off-the-shelf quality product China factory direct supply.